Sunday, November 20, 2011

Band: Backyard Heroes

Okay so I know one of the members of this band personally. So heres a guy with passion and talent, so naturally any musical project he takes on will display that. And I know this is SUPER different than what ive been posting, but good music, is good music. And im not just posting this as a favor, to Tim, nah, I took the time out to listen to the music, so i can give my genuine review, and here it is: My problem with acoustic-y music, is that the singer sounds all pretty with angsty lyrics. What Backyard Heroes is doing, is straying away from that 'woe-is-me-im-gonna-go-cry-and-write-a-song-because-im-so-deep-and-sad.' sort of thing. I get a pleasant vibe from them, mellow, and nice. (Sort of reminds me of camp, Tim. :D) Its clear that they took the time out to write these lyrics, and I am now a fan, and you should be too. (:

Thumbs up: Meaningful lyrics, pleasing vocals.

Thumbs down: The guitar sounds similar in most songs

Rating: 8.8/10

Song to listen to: Chetwood (I really like this one :D)

**** So since this band is fairly new, im going to give you their link, because i really feel like you should know about them: Click for some awesome music!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Band: Cynic

So this is one of the most unique bands ive ever had the pleasure of listening to. According to the interweb, they are a progressive metal band...but let me tell you right now, they are SO much more than that. I hear like a jazz influence with them, as well as that alternative angle. They're pretty fucking different. But I admire a band that can almost be their own genre...and at the same time appeal to an audience. These guys have been around for a while and have yet to be super popular. And I think it should stay that way, so the scene kids of america dont find out about them...let them keep listening to blood on the dance floor. xP. Hah. Hahaa. Lol, I made a funneh. :D. Well anyways. Check them out.

Thumbs up: Unique. And good at the same time. A rarity, in these recent times.

Thumbs down: Hmm. Well, their album 'Traced In the Air' needed WAY more screams, and then it would have been a perfect 11. (Hah, another funneh.)(I know, im not much of a comedian.)

Rating: 9.2/10

Song to listen to: Integral Birth (Something about that song, man, it gets me.)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Band: Catherine

So heres a band, with that sort of 'sad' vibe. If you listen to the Fallacy then you'll get what I mean. But they actually make it sound good. It doesnt sound like whiny bullshit. Its quality music. They have very hardcore elements with clean vocals that arent at all 'bitchy'. He isnt another Kellin Quinn. (All those sleeping with sirens fans are like :O, lol, dont get me wrong, Kellin's music is alright stuff.) But yeah. Great band. Check em out.

Thumbs up: Right amount of hardcore, and melody.

Thumbs Down: Right now I dont really have one.

Rating: 8/10

Song to listen to: The Naturals (LOVE the intro)